Rip-Van Parks is a graduate of Screenwise Film and Television acting school and has performed in numerous lead and supporting roles in national commercials, short films and independent features. His recent experiences include Atomic Kingdom (web series), Stalk Me Not (short film), Pepperoni (short film), Deadside (web series), Dark Moon Circus (feature film) and RG-Cell (commercial).

Rip-Van also previously worked as a high fashion model, having first been scouted by an agent on the streets of Melbourne during his early twenties. He has since been involved in over 100 photo-shoots and has been featured in various advertisement campaigns throughout the world. In 2010 he landed an acting role in the Ben Hur Live Stadium Spectacular held at the ANZ Stadium, playing the roles of Centurion Solider, Townsman, Student Apprentice and Musician. That same year he retired from modeling and has been pursuing his passion for acting ever since.

Rip-Van has a background in sports, martial arts and gymnastics, and maintains an active and healthy lifestyle.